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Mini Vespa
Vespa's Pause
Gran Tourismi in Napoli
Vespa's attitude
Vintage class
Indian Ocean
Ready to ride
Vintage way of life
Zanzibar, where LML's are at home
Vespa Patrol
A true Vespa in Stone Town, Zanzibar
Vespa's highway, Zanzibar
There is also a hidden one
The good way to escape traffic jam
Zanzibar, where LML's are at home
Zanzibar, where LML's are at home
Vespa's are everywhere, Thailand
I asked for the picture ...

Take a ride on the Vespa's side


Designed to be an utilitarian vehicle, the Vespa has enjoyed a worldwide success. As a fan i could tell stories for hours. I've pushed my Vespas during miles for a flat tire, a dead generator or a broken engine ... I still love the way you can go on a Vespa. It isn't that smooth, nor that easy, but once you have tried the legend you are trapped and will love it for years. Wherever I go, I know there will always be a Vespa waiting for a photograph.

All pictures shot by  © Ivan DUPONT

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