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As a photographer, I'm always keeping in mind a possible picture while observing things and people. I have now thousands of them. In this section, you'll find a description of the upcoming "webshows" and an outline of future trips. It's in a sense an invitation to the next webshows.


The only place in the World where your eyes will observe these shrimpers. Horses are huge, shrimpers are a bit rough and seagulls are everywhere to steal some shrimps and execute brave crabs. Still very active, this fishery is now recognized by UNESCO (2013).

  • Name : Horsefishing in Belgium

  • Location : Oostduinkerke, Belgium

  • Season : From april to november

  • Realization  : 2011 - 2014

  • Status : Webshow 001

  • Related links : website Koksijde


  • Name : Cows in the mist

  • Location : Belgium

  • Season : Anytime

  • Realization  : 2011 - 2014

  • Status : Sorting

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Crossing landscapes on highways' sides, I'm admiring every day the same cows. From january to december, they are mute witnesses of an abstract continuous traffic jam. Let's stop to feel the breath of cows in the early morning mist.

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